Governors Allowances – Schemes for Paying

Governors allowances-Schemes for paying (pdf)

Date first adopted:November 2015
How often to be reviewed:Every three years
Reviewed:25th November 2015
Reviewed:February 2019
Reviewed by: Finance Committee

Model scheme for paying governors’ allowances

This example comes from Buckinghamshire County Council and is reproduced with permission. Your school will need to produce an expenses claim form for governors.


Governors may claim allowances in respect of actual expenditure incurred while attending meetings of the Governing Body and its committees, undertaking governor development and otherwise acting on behalf of the governing body

Governors may not claim for actual or potential loss of earnings or income

All governors and associate members are eligible to claim allowances in accordance with this scheme

Eligible Expenses

Categories of eligible expenditure are as follows

Telephone calls and postage



Care arrangements
Child care or baby sitting expenses, where these are not provided by a relative or partner. Care arrangements for an elderly or dependent relative, where these are not provided by a relative or partner

Allowance Rates

Rates at which allowances are payable are as follows:

Telephone calls and postage Actual costs incurred.
Travel rates: In accordance with the Inland Revenue Authorised Mileage Rate, which is 45p per mile for cars and vans and 24p mile for motorcycles.

For public transport, actual costs incurred. However, where more than one class of fare is available, the rate shall be limited to second-class fares. For travel by taxi the cost must not exceed £10 per journey without prior agreement.

Subsistence: If additional expenses are incurred because work as a governor requires taking meals away from your school area, reimbursement will be made for the food and non-alcoholic drinks bought on the day claimed.
Care arrangements: Actual costs incurred, up to a maximum of £9 per hour

Criteria for Claims

All claims must be submitted to the head teacher within one month of the expenditure being incurred (except for telephone calls)

Receipts must be supplied to support claims for reimbursement, e.g, bus ticket, phone bill, taxi receipt, till receipt

In the case of telephone calls, an itemised phone bill should be provided, identifying the relevant calls

Financial Systems

The school’s normal systems for authorising and processing payments will apply to claims made under this scheme

The Finance Committee, on behalf of the Governing Body, may vary these rates to meet their particular circumstances.