Wellbeing Provision

The Purbeck School prides itself on high expectations of its school community members. We know, that in order to achieve this we must also pride ourselves on our high level of support for those members.

Therefore, in the instance that someone is finding things difficult, or we notice that someone is finding things difficult, we aim to support them through this.

Below is a step by step guide to provision of support for mental health and wellbeing at the Purbeck School.

Table of Wellbeing Interventions

Level Intervention/type Referral route
Level 4 CAMHS – Mental Health Family or via GP
Child in Need Via MASH team
Child Protection Via MASH team
Level 3 DFCT – Family counselling School
Family Partnership Zone – young people and family support School
Relate – counselling Family or school
Mosaic – Bereavement Family or school
Space – Sexual identity Self, family or school
KORU – drama/arts therapy School
Shadows – Drug and Alcohol counselling Family or school
Targeted Youth Support – custom interventions Family or school
Level 2 1:1 mentor support – Targeted Mentor lead group support, and one to one support for complex needs School
ELSA- Emotional Literacy, interpersonal skills School
Emote control and Emotional regulation – Support to manage emotions School
Not Just Sundaes – Confidence and self esteem School
I Have Never – Confidence, Self-esteem, social skills for SEN / ELSA pupils School
Getting grit – Emotional resilience and ‘growth mindset’ School
Anxiety group – Support to manage anxiety School
Level 1 Tutor support School
PSHE targeting specific needs identified School