Swift – ‘Look up and soar high’

All of our Swift students are wonderfully unique and so each brings something different and special to the House. Our ‘Swiftlets’ feel accepted for who they are and we endeavour to bring out the very best in all of them. We are proud when they support one another and show empathy and respect for each other’s views and opinions. This enables our ‘Swiftlets’ to build trust with one another.

Swift students are focused and are willing to accept that things may not go as they hoped or expected. They dust themselves off, learn from their mistakes and move forward, knowing that we are there to support them through it all. They are open minded, willing to try new opportunities and make the most of any situation as who knows what amazing possibilities it may bring.

They can look at a problem from more than one perspective and can be imaginative and creative when trying to solve it. They will stick with it and are not afraid to ask for help as they realise that team work can often be the best approach.

Swifts are incredibly resilient, they fly 6000 miles to reach South Africa EVERY winter and arrive back to the exactly the same place in the UK in the summer! We wish for all of our Swift students to be that determined, skilled, and ingenious.

Once baby Swifts take their very first flight they do not return to the nest and are no longer cared for by their parents. We hope that once our Swift students leave The Purbeck School fully equipped for the world beyond, not only with the academic success that they have worked so hard to achieve but also with the skills and friends they will need to make the most of life. Confident in themselves, willing to go out and explore the world but unlike the Swift keeping in touch with those they have left behind.

Swift House Team

Swift House LeaderTutors

Mrs L Robinson
Miss Allen
Mr Clarke
Mrs Collins
Mr Guy
Mrs Lay
Mr Railston-Brown
Mrs Shepherd
Mrs Schubert
Mr Tullet