Kingfisher – ‘Talent is not enough; it’s attitude that makes the difference’

The Purbeck School offers all students a wealth of opportunities both academically and in an extracurricular sense. Kingfisher students strive to grasp opportunities that are in front of them and aim to achieve the very best standards in every part of their lives.

Kingfisher house has a strong sense of community and support which helps students foster a sense of identity and belonging. Students work closely with each other, their teachers and importantly their tutors to get the most out of their school experience each and every day.

Kingfisher students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and their lives in a wider sense, promoting preparation for the future as well rounded citizens who are confident in contributing positively to society. Students in this house are encouraged to demonstrate qualities of outstanding people as well as outstanding learners. Being compassionate, thoughtful, caring and respectful are all qualities that are instilled in Kingfisher students from the moment they join the school in Year 7.

Students are encouraged to take part in healthy competition through the house system representing Kingfisher with a determination and desire to be successful. In doing so Kingfisher students demonstrate resilience to overcome hurdles that come their way and understand that to be a success ‘Talent is not enough; its attitude that makes the difference’.

Kingfisher House Team

Kingfisher House LeaderTutors

Mr N Hunt
Mr Fairweather
Miss Hill
Miss Hurst
Mr Keen
Miss Kilroy
Mr Knight
Miss O'Sullivan
Miss Shenton
Miss West
Mr Wilde