Kestrel – ‘Achieving excellence together’

The Falcon is an emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation. Kestrels’ skills include accuracy of movement, speed and grace, mental concentration, acting at the correct moment, patience and precise action. Kestrels wait and hover before making their move, carefully weighing up the options rather than acting in haste. All of these qualities are reflected in the students of Kestrel House.

‘Together’ is a key part of our motto because we work as a team by celebrating and sharing successes whilst also supporting each other to achieve goals and aspirations. A team and community mentality is central to our ethos. Although winning is an achievement, it is the taking part that is the most important.

A positive mindset is a vital quality, as resilience, participation and not being afraid to fail are vital to learning and being successful.

Historically we have achieved sporting success and a record number of house points; this is because of attitude, dedication and hard work.

Every Kestrel wants to achieve academic success but they are also aware of the value of respecting others and themselves and leading by example.