Minutes Parent Council – Meeting #3 – Tuesday 1st May 2018

Agenda Item 1: Ofsted Inspection

  • Mr Darley spoke about the Ofsted inspection.
  • He explained that the focus is now heavily on the data accumulated from the results from the previous academic year.
  • He explained that school grading can’t change and that Ofsted will either come back in 18 months if there is cause that the school could go to requires improvement or could become outstanding or within 4 years if the school is securely good.
  • Mr Darley explained that the inspections are very narrow and focused on a few key areas (often data driven) and these areas are investigated through the day.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the key messages from Ofsted and presented these to the parent council and discussed how Ofsted commented on the very good progress that students make at The Purbeck School. These areas can be seen presentation below.

Parent Council meeting presentation May 2018 Ofsted (pdf)

  • Mr Darley spoke about the positive comments from Ofsted including: transition from KS2; the progressive learning over 5 years; the intervention with students that are under-performing; the knowledge that staff have of students as individuals; the meaningful careers guidance offered by the school; the benefits to disadvantaged students; SEN provision and the spending of the year 7 catch up funding; safeguarding and attendance.
  • There were questions about what systems we have to promote attendance and a wider discussion about disadvantaged students and how to tackle persistent absenteeism of a small number of students.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the areas of developments suggested by Ofsted and how they were already school targets outlined in the school SEF: curriculum development and raising attainment of particular groups.
  • A question was asked about site security and Mr Darley talked about the ongoing discussions with county regarding site security and potential changes to gating systems.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the changes to alternative provision in Dorset in the future.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the next steps for the school including plans to support wellbeing of students.
  • Mr Darley spoke and explained how the school receives funds and the implications of ‘fairer funding’ to The Purbeck School.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the plans for renovating the school hall and the creation of a wellbeing area and how this could be funded.

 Agenda Item 2: School reports

  • Mr Darley demonstrated the current reports and talked about some of the potential areas to improve with them.
  • Mr Darley modelled the early draft stages of a potential reporting system.
  • There were comments made by the council that parents might need some more guidance about the reports.
  • There was a discussion about whether comments or numbers might be better on the reports.
  • There was a widespread agreement that marrying the reports to the school values of respect, aspiration and perseverance is an excellent idea.
  • There were comments about whether the flight-path model could be simplified.


Quick link to the reports on Moodle – this has been investigated further and unfortunately is not possible to implement at this time.  However the school is currently looking at alternative systems for parental communication and access to reports, and will keep parents updated on any potential changes.