Minutes Parent Council – Meeting #2 – Wednesday 6th December 2017

Agenda Item 1: Knowledge Organisers

  • Mr McNaughton shared the changes to the knowledge organisers proposed for next half term.
  • There was a discussion about the way that the way the KO tests and the detentions are differentiated and whether students are treated differently in these two environments.
  • Transition was suggested as something that could help parents understand how to support parents with Knowledge Organisers at home.
  • Transition meeting with parents in year 8 would have been useful in introducing the Knowledge Organisers.
  • It was agreed that there have been some extremely positive changes to the Knowledge Organisers and with effective transition next year they should be successfully reviewed.
  • It was mentioned that there may need to be some apostrophe training for staff who are communicating outwards.

Agenda Item 2: Mrs Gregory – Pastoral

  • Discussed the pastoral team and structures and the house system and the benefits compared to the year system.
  • Discussed the roles of the people in the nest, house tutors and links with DSEN.
  • The tutor programme was discussed and the rationale for each day was explained.
  • Mrs Gregory spoke about the school pastoral structures being linked to Respect, Perseverance and Aspiration.
  • Mrs Gregory spoke about the student lesson responsibilities and how they have been slightly adapted to push students to be extremely active in their own learning.
  • It was questioned how parents find out about detentions and Mrs Gregory explained the text message system.
  • Mrs Gregory brought forward the proposal of moving the same day detention system to a next day detention day detention system:
  • It was suggested that there were benefits to the immediacy of the punishment.
  • It was suggested that issues with mobile reception could lead to parents missing key messages.
  • It was suggested that the next parent council meeting could take part in the school day and parents could have a look at behaviour across the school.
  • Immediacy is excellent but inconvenience for parents is there.
  • It was discussed whether parents needs to know about written warnings as well as 1s on the register.
  • There was discussion about the uniform policy and guidance and whether it needs to have a better gender balance.
  • Mrs Gregory spoke about the IBP plan and how they are reviewed each 6 weeks. She spoke about the differences between IBP 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • It was commented how excellent it was that the school is working with such a wide number of external agencies and how useful it is for the school to have expertise of NEST members who have come from different backgrounds.
  • It was suggested that local businesses could maybe drafted in to support the schools in prize giving for celebrating success.
  • It was suggested that celebrations for the older year groups may need a different form but it was also suggested that the prom attendance motivation is effective.
  • It was discussed how house points and super 7 awards are not always linked to attainment but do recognise a wide range of students.

A0B –

  • Do parents have regular access to student exercise books?