Minutes Parent Council – Meeting #1 – Tuesday 17th October 2017


Exam Results: Mr Darley

  • Mr Darley explained the results from 2016/17 outlining some of the individual success stories from students.
  • He talked about the grading system that has changed from last year and the proportion of students that gained grade 9 highlighting successes of a number of students.
  • Mr Darley explained the progress 8 measurement and how it places us in the top 18% of schools nationally.
  • Mr Darley outlined that the school has now sustained superb progress across the last three years.
  • Mr Darley linked these results to Dorset County council and where they position us in the local authority.
  • Mr Darley explained the difference between progress measures and attainment measure.
  • Mr Darley explored the strong progress of students including DSEN, PP, High, Mid and Lower Prior Attainers.
  • Mr Darley explained that students need to continue with education in English and Mathematics if they do not hit a grade 4 at the end of their GCSE.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the differences between boy and girl attainment and discussed the national gap between these genders.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the A level results including ALPS scores and how the school is rated at an Alps score based on the last three years of results.
  • Mr Darley explained the grades 9-1 and how there are currently two systems running, including the impact on tracking in schools.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the emotional support in the school in place to support students, particularly year 11.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the Government paper ‘KS3 The Wasted Years’ as an introduction to the mastery curriculum.

Mastery Curriculum: Mr Morris

  • Mr Morris spoke about the rigorous nature of the curriculum.
  • Mr Morris outlined the increase in demands of knowledge across the curriculum.
  • Mr Morris spoke about the issue with students managing their revision effectively and that the school is pushing the message with students that revision and preparation is a five year process.
  • Mr Morris talked about the impact of using knowledge quizzes to help students remember knowledge after ‘forgetting curves’.
  • Mr Morris spoke about his visit to Shanghai and how the culture that is in the country is less important than a culture created in a school.
  • Mr Morris spoke about the associated systems attached to a Mastery Curriculum (see slides below).
  • Mr Morris spoke about the fact that mastery has moved across five years though originally targeted for year 8.
  • Mr Morris spoke about the ‘Inch Wide – Mile High’ curriculum.
  • It was commented that ‘look cover write check’ is not necessarily working for all children. Mr Morris spoke about our movement to knowledge organisers into quizlet and other on line platforms.
  • It was raised that there needs to be additional support for students in how to revise and how to use the knowledge organisers as students may need additional support, particularly those students in year 8 who have the system new to them.
  • There were concerns raised about the demoralising effects of students on some of the language on the knowledge organisers and it was explained that this is moving towards a red, amber green system in the new print run.
  • There were some concerns raised about the importance of student lives outside of school and the impact that knowledge organisers could have on life outside of school which was discussed.
  • Mr Morris mentioned that we are in the infancy of the new model and that there have been responsive such as rescheduling quizzes so that there are no more than two a day.

Potential Agenda Items:

  • Moodle
  • Pastoral Care