Minutes Parent Council – Meeting #1 – Thursday 1st October 2020

Adam Darley Speaker –



  • School Results
  • Priorities for the year
  • School response to COVID


School Results:

  • Mr Darley explained the ways that the school calculated grades this year and how these were internally moderated.
  • Mr Darley explained how the government algorithm impacted on school GCSE and A level results.
  • Individual student successes were discussed.
  • ALPS scores were discussed and how these reflected that the school had achieved record results. A further explanation of ALPS was offered to parents.
  • GCSE results were discussed and also how the new grading structures work for students.
  • Progress 8 was discussed and how the year 11 cohort had the recorded the highest progress scores the school has achieved.
  • Attainment of individual students was discussed across the year group and how students were not disadvantaged by the cancellation of exams as most students got what they were predicted or better over the last two years.
  • There was a discussion that the CAGs did not inflate the school results as they were being predicted over the previous two years.


Priorities for the year:

Mr Darley spoke about:

  • Supporting the disadvantaged students and closing the gap with other students in the school.
  • Closing the gender gap by maintaining the same expectations of boys and girls.
  • Attendance for students and how this correlates with attainment in examinations.
  • How projections for year 10 are very positive but that there are still some gaps to address.
  • Rosenshine’s principles for teaching and learning and the excellence of the pastoral and DSEN teams.
  • ‘Compassionate consistency’ – and how this was a key message to teaching staff through inset days.


Changes in Response to COVID:

Mr Darley spoke about the school response to the coronavirus including:

‘Every day reading’ – and how the tutor reads to the tutor group and they follow the texts to develop literacy skills. This was linked to opportunities for disadvantaged students and also to cultural capital of the students. / The new school day and the changes of timings/ How information about coronavirus changes has been put onto the school website / cleaning kits in the classrooms for teachers to manage their own spaces/ hand washing and the new 50 dispensers around the school/ allocated toilets / bubbling, and students having their own areas at lunch / the extra two cleaners on the school site cleaning ‘touch areas’ in the school / the fact that classrooms have been decluttered and cleared out during the summer term / limits to practical work and how guided space has been put into classroom to protect students and teachers/ how practical work is being reintroduced into science and equipment is being left for 72 hours / PE – is being looked at and a rotation system might be being introduced so that a more traditional team sports curriculum can be reintroduced / teachers are socially distancing as much as possible / one way system and students wearing masks around the school site / how the school day has been shortened to reduce mixing time / how the food is being served in different areas of the school to serve the different school bubbles / different entrances and exits for students / the staggered end to the day to allow for flow of students on the way home / how bus departures are carefully managed / what the school procedures are if there is a confirmed case in the school.


Questions and comments from the parent council:

There were questions about how gaps in student knowledge are being addressed.

There were further questions about whether technological access was a contributor to gaps with student knowledge through lockdown.

There were thanks from the parent council for the structures that the school has put in place for students on their return.

There were positive comments about the way the school staff had adapted to TEAMS – ‘we couldn’t have hoped, or expected, that teachers would have managed to adapt to working online with such speed and skill’.