Minutes Parent Council – Meeting #1 – Thursday 11th October 2018

Mr McNaughton welcomed the parent council and spoke about the agreed agenda for the year.

Questions were raised about whether parents could offer agenda items and it was noted that ideas for agenda items are welcomed prior to meetings.

Mr Darley – School results and school priorities for 2018/19

  • Mr Darley discussed the school results. He started by discussing the way that school results are measured and explained the ALPS scoring system.
  • He talked about the school rating of an ALPS 3 and how this is likely to place the school in the top 15 % of the results.
  • He spoke about how 46.7% of teaching at A level is now rated as excellent due to the ALPS categorisation.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the extremely high level of success in PE, Travel and Tourism, PRE, Computer science, Maths, Chemistry, Geography, Media and History departments.
  • Mr Darley answered questions regarding the ALPS thermometer and how ALPS can be affected by under-performance by individual students.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the P8 figure for the school and how it has risen to 0.37 from a previous score of 0.32 and how this places us roughly in the top 17% of performing schools in the country.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the performance of our disadvantaged students and how it compares to national figure.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the performance of mid, lower and higher prior attainment students and how the focus for the school is working on the higher attaining students (particularly boys).
  • Mr Darley spoke more about the working habits of boys.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the progress 8 bucket system and how this might affect the student curriculum offer in a school.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the in school gaps and talked about the gaps with disadvantaged, boys versus girls and high prior attainment boys and how we are tackling in school gaps.
  • Mr Darley spoke about attendance also being a key priority for the school and how attendance and the comparison in performance between 97.5% attendance and 90-95% attendance.
  • Mr Darley spoke about how attendance has risen this year and how year 11 attendance has the highest it has ever been.
  • There was questions about study leave and snow days and how they might affect attendance.
  • Mr Darley spoke about Ofsted and their findings in their visit in March and the positives that came out of that visit.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the developments for next year such as mastery teaching, integrated DSEN and Aim High and Pastoral team with a tiered approach.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the pressures on the school such as funding and how social care, mental health is underfunded which is added an additional strain on the pastoral resources within schools.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the changes to alternative provision and the limited alternative provision available for students.
  • Mr Darley spoke about the new system of curriculum reviews and how the CPD system is going to work for developing staff through the academic year.
  • There were questions about the student council and it was explained that the election of the new student council will occur next half term.

We would like to thank the parents in attendance for their excellent contributions during the meeting and their commitment to working alongside the school.