At The Purbeck School we meet the needs of more able students with a broad range of opportunities both in and outside the classroom. Please see the examples below.

Extension and Enrichment within the Curriculum

  • All schemes of work indicate appropriate extension resources and materials for use with more able students in lessons.
  • Gifted mathematicians have the opportunity to complete an extra GCSE in Further Mathematics. Further Mathematics is available as an A Level option.
  • All subjects share designated enrichment components for use with more able students in their schemes of work.

Enrichment extra-curricular opportunities

  • STEM Engineering Club.
  • The PE department run an extensive range of additional clubs plus The Purbeck Sports Ambassadors Programme.
  • Classics Club (for Year 11/12/13)
  • Participation in the school bands
  • Participation in special projects e.g. National Trust/RSPB
  • Debating Club (attend debating competitions)
  • Medical Club