Live Lessons

Joining a Live Lesson on Teams

This is only going to be used with Year 12 classes.

It is important that as a school we provide a safe environment for staff and students when working online. Please help us by following this checklist when joining a live teaching session.

Safeguarding checklist for live teaching
✓ Only students who are in the class may participate in an online lesson
✓ You need to be dressed appropriately
✓ Ensure that your background is plain or blurred with no identifiable features (real or virtual)
✓ Do not allow your family members to appear on screen
✓Normal rules of acceptable behaviour and language apply.

All lessons will be recorded and you will not be permitted to join future sessions if you act inappropriately.

Live teaching

  • Live Teaching will be scheduled at most twice a week with a class and will be during the normal timetabled lesson times. Each session should be a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • The meeting tools within Teams will be used to host the online lesson. There is a How to join a Live Lesson video to help you.

Before the lesson
All lessons will be scheduled using the calendar in Teams which links to your calendar in Office365.

  1. For every live lesson you will receive an email notification. If you accept the invitation it will be added to your calendar and you will get an alert on the day. If you decline the lesson you can see the recording later.
  2. Write the lesson time into your diary so you don’t forget.

At the time of your lesson

  • Make sure your location and background are appropriate.
  • Open Teams and the Calendar in the side bar, find the ‘meeting’ and click Join.
  • Hover in the middle of your screen to see a Toolbar

During the lesson

  • Students will all be attendees so can not change the meeting settings but can talk, chat and raise your hand.
  • To see who is present click on “participants”. A list will appear on the right.
  • Students can use the “chat” function so please use it sensibly. Good for questions and queries.
  • Students can use the “Raise hand” function to ask a question.

At the end of your lesson

  • Hang-up. It will not stop on its own.
  • The lesson will be recorded and will be available after a short delay in two places:
    1. in the Posts of the Team so anyone in the Team can view it.
    2. In the video channel of the Team once it has had time to upload.

This means it will be easy to find later in your Team channel.

More help
Do email IT Support if you have any questions or technical hitches:
Do ask this person or that person if you have more general queries about remote learning or need other support: or