We would like to introduce you to our school’s educational video platform, ClickView.
ClickView’s video library comes with thousands of educational titles to support the National Curriculum and improve learning outcomes in our school.

The ClickView Library includes 2000+ videos for Secondary which have been mapped to the National Curriculum and includes additional resources to help support student learning.

All of our students have online access to thousands of educational programmes, movies and TV shows to support the school’s curriculum and students learning.  Online access means that every student can access videos easily at home for research, assignments and homework in a safe environment.  When students use this platform for research, they know that the information is factually correct, relevant and curriculum aligned.

New and engaging resources from ClickView’s own Production Team are added to the ClickView Library each month.

Our teaching staff can share clips with students to view at home so that they can use the class time for quality discussions, higher order thinking and problem solving in class.  Our teachers also use ClickView’s free-to-air TV recording service to find, edit and keep TV programmes they want to share with their students.

Note that all the material in ClickView is rated by age group so students are only given access
to the material that is the right rating level for their year group.

All students can access ClickView by following these steps:

1. Go to this link
2. Enter your student school email address and password
3. Search for a video or look in the subject folder