Extra-curricular Activities

We are pleased to say that our extra-curricular programme is now up and running.  The tables at the bottom of this page advertise the clubs we currently have on offer during lunchtime and afterschool.  It would be our hope that all students would take part in at least one club as it is a fantastic opportunity for them to enrich their School day.

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Extra-curricular Activities

Students should check the daily bulletin and extra-curricular display board in the language corridor for up to date information about all events.

Our extra-curricular provision will be posted termly as the clubs on offer vary through the year.  The clubs on offer cover a wide variety of activities and interests and we hope that students will take up these opportunities that are provided by our staff and sixth form students.

The PE department offer an amazing variety of clubs and this helps us to utilise the sports facilities that are on offer as well as participate in many fixtures across the year.  In addition to this there are sports facilities available daily for year 8 & 9 on the front play ground and in the tennis courts as well as football club on the astro pitch for year 10 & 11.

Departments may still offer extra sessions on days other than those identified on the document as a need presents itself, including many revision sessions which are provided in particular as the exam season approaches.

Provision of lunchtime and after school study clubs

The provision of lunchtime and after school sessions is highly valued both as a means of supporting student attainment and also as a valuable form of curricular enrichment in many subject areas and skills in the wider context.

Extra – Curricular Activities – Lunchtime

Lunchtime 1.15pm – 1.45pm
All  lunchtime PE clubs only need trainers.

All Badminton lunchtime clubs only need trainers

Extra – Curricular Activities – After School

After School 3.10pm – 4.10pm
All after school PE clubs need full PE kit.

All after school clubs need full PE kit

Sixth Form Speakers Programme

The Purbeck School Speakers Programme for Sixth Form