How to revise

At The Purbeck School, we want to support our students prepare effectively for their examinations, based on educational research which works.

These are our top revision tips…

Spaced practice

Spaced practice is a study technique where you review material in intervals over a long period of time.

* Plan short and frequent review sessions
* Review over an extended period of time
* Include old content with new information

Retrieval Practice

The act of retrieval, or bringing information to mind, strengthens our memory.

* Practise past exam papers
* Question and answer using flashcards
* Self-quiz using Look, Cover, Write, Check
* Create mind maps to link concepts


Unlock your potential by having a positive mindset and a genuine desire to learn and do well.

* Engage in all lessons
* Plan time at home to revise
* Learn from mistakes
* Work hard!


Actively seek out support from everyone around you.

* Ask your parents for a quiet study space at home
* Ask for help on exam anxiety from the Nest
* Ask your subject teachers for help on gaps in your knowledge and skills


Attending school every day is vital – every lesson counts!

* Poor attendance increases gaps in your knowledge
* Maximise time with your expert teachers
* Revise with your friends.
* Increase attendance ” Increase exam results!


Our Heads of Department have created videos to support you prepare for examinations in each subject. Information will include:

* How students are assessed in each subject
* What revision activities students must be completing each week to prepare for the summer
* What extra revision activities students could be completing each week to prepare for the summer
* How students can get help and support

More advice and guidance can be found here:

GCSE Revision and Independent Study Booklet



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