How to revise

At The Purbeck School we want to support our students and make sure they are using study strategies to support their revision, which work – based on educational research.

A group of cognitive psychologists from the USA, based in the University of Massachusetts, called ‘The Learning Scientists’ suggest six evidence  informed approaches to studying, that can help students to revise:

  • Elaboration – explaining ideas in detail.
  • Retrieval Practice – practice ‘remembering’ what they have been taught.
  • Spaced practice – spacing out your studying over time.
  • Dual coding – combining pictures and words to help you remember things.
  • Interleaving – switching between the topics that you study.
  • Concrete examples – using specific examples to understand abstract ideas.

Students and parents can download a booklet to give them more information about each strategy…

Six strategies for effective learning

Self-Directed Study Booklet 2019-20

They can also watch the following videos…



Retrieval practice


Spaced Practice




Concrete Examples


Dual Coding