Exams and Revision


Exam Information

Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

This year CAGs will be awarded by the school. The following document explains how each subject will be assessing your child over the next few weeks.

Subject evidence – March 2021 pdf.


Ofqual Student guide to awarding Summer 2021


Summer 2020 certificates are available for collection from reception

Summer 2021 certificates will be available in December 2021

Review of results

Candidates requesting a review of results, or copy of their exam script need to provide written consent and full payment before requests can be processed. If a review of results is requested then it is possible for marks to be lowered, remain the same or increase. This can lead to a lower overall grade, or the same grade or a higher grade.

Any enquiries about results for internal candidates have to be made to the exam board through the school.

Before any enquiry can be made the candidate:-

  • has to seek agreement from the school that this is an appropriate action
  • needs to sign a consent form
  • Pay the appropriate cost.

Costs and consent form can be found here.

Requestsconsent and payment need to be with Mrs Lyons in the exam office before the deadlines. Cheques made payable to The Purbeck School.


Please see the attached document about students returning to retake exams. This will be at the discretion of the head teacher. All costs incurred including exam fees, administration fees, invigilation costs and any costs incurred due to access requirements are to be paid in advance by the candidate.

Retake costs and information 2021 (pdf)

Candidate exam and coursework information.

IFC-On-Screen_Examinations_stage2.indd 2020(Pdf)


Information for candidates Coursework Assessments 2020(Pdf)

Information for candidates for written exams 2020(Pdf)

Information for candidates Non-examination Assessments 2020(Pdf)


No unauthorised material 2020(Pdf)

Social-Media-Information-for-Candidates 2020(Pdf)

Warning to Candidates 2020(Pdf)

Internal appeals

Please see the following documents regarding disclosure of coursework marks before submission and rights to appeal.

Internal Appeals Procedures NEA 2021(Pdf)

Internal Appeals Form(Pdf)

Internal Appeals procedure Post Results 2021(Pdf)

Complaints and Appeals Procedure 2021(Pdf)

Complaints and Appeals Form(Pdf)

Complaints and Appeals Form (docx)

A charge of £60 will be made to cover the cost of an internal appeal. This will be refunded in full if appeal is upheld.

Summer 2021 External Exam Dates

Following the government announcement in January, all external written exams have been cancelled.

Students will be awarded a grade based on teacher assessment. The grades submitted to exam boards will reflect a fair, reasonable and carefully considered judgement of the student’s performance across a range of evidence, on the curriculum content that they have been taught. The evidence could include work which has already been completed during the course as well as that which will be completed in the weeks and months to come. Evidence should relate to the specification content and should reflect, as far as possible, the sorts of questions and tasks that students would normally undertake in preparation for the qualification. An internal quality assurance process, including internal standardisation of marking and grading judgements, will be put in place.

June Year 10 and Year 12 Standardised Assessment Timetable

Year 10 Provisional Timetable June Assessments

Yr 10 Monday June 14th Tuesday June 15th Wednesday June 16th Thursday June 17th Friday June 18th Monday 21st June
am Chemistry

(1h/ 1h15)

Business1h30 Spanish 1h15 French1h

Geology1h RE1h

History 1h30


Maths 1h30 Food1h


Computing1h30  Media1h15

Drama 1h15

Art Photo
mid English Literature


English Language 1h45 Biology 45/ 55m Physics 1h Clash

Catch Up

Art Photo
pm Geography clash 1h15 Art   Photo

Year 12 Provisional Timetable June 2021 Standardised Assessments

Year 12 Monday June 14th Tuesday June 15th Wednesday June 16th Thursday June 17th Friday June 18th
am History 1h30 English Lang 1h30 Maths 1h30 Geography50 Fur maths 1h30 English Lit 1h30 Art


mid Physics 1h15 Media 1h15   Psych 1h30 Biology 1h10 Product 1h30 Sociology 1h30 Chemistry 1h15 Art


pm Art


Results Day Summer 2021

Results can be collected from school between 9am and 10am on results day.

 A Level Tuesday 10th August

GCSE Thursday 12th August

Pastoral information, advice and guidance for pupils, and parents of pupils taking exams