We are aware at The Purbeck School that our students will over the next ten years be faced with life changing choices and situations.


These may include…

  • Making their first independent decision about their diet and exercise
  • Travelling into school and town on their own for the first time
  • Making decisions about how to spend their own money
  • Questioning if their body image is okay
  • Opening their first savings account
  • Experiencing their first bereavement
  • Meeting their first boyfriend or girlfriend 
  • Going on their first date
  • Having their first opportunity to choose the people they spend time with
  • Being responsible in law for their own actions 
  • Signing their first legally binding contract 
  • Considering taking on their first financial debt
  • Making a choice about their career path
  • Completing applications for their KS4 and post-16 education
  • Attending their first interview
  • Have their first day at sixth form, college or at their first job
  • Understanding the Prevent Agenda, how to keep themselves safe and the implications of extreme views
  • Be able to challenge the view of others and stand strong to what they believe to be right and within the law
  • To stay safe online and have a good knowledge of Esafety including what to do when issues like bullying or inappropriate requests occur
  • To make the right decision rather than the easiest one.

Who is going to teach the knowledge and skills they will need to manage these first moments and stay healthy and safe?

…we will in conjunction with parents and carers, because we care.

The PSHE programme at The Purbeck School prepares students for life outside the school gate, equipping them with the skills to make positive and carefully considered life choices.

We aim to ensure students are healthy, staying  safe, enjoying and achieving by making a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being, fulfilling not only Every Child Matters criteria but encompassing the National Curriculum PSHE Programme, exploring the British Values and SMSC requirements.

The Ofsted report stated that students at The Purbeck School “gain a good understanding of how to stay healthy through the curriculum, particularly in science and in personal, social and health education”. If you ask the students at the Purbeck School about Personal, Social and Health Education they get genuinely excited, “You get to express yourself without judgement” one student remarked. “You can share how you feel and think about things and discuss and learn about the types of things we will come across when we are older, the things we don’t learn in other lessons”.

PSHE is taught at Purbeck with passion and vitality, its dedicated team of teachers deliver the National Curriculum through active and engaging lessons.

Areas of study include:

Drugs Education: the classification of drugs, health and legal implications, social and cultural views and differences.

Sex and Relationships Education: the emphasis is on building healthy relationships and self-esteem and includes reproduction, contraception, STI’s, parenting skills and family life.

Life Skills: finance skills, basic First Aid, work experience and careers education.

Physical Health Education: self-image, preventative healthcare and healthy eating.

Mental Health Education: conflict resolution, assertive behaviour, stress and anxiety management.

Challenging extreme view: confidence, rule of law, social behaviour, equality, emotional needs and how to express yourself without causing offence.

For more information regarding the PSHE programme at The Purbeck School please do not hesitate to contact Mrs A Humphreys.


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