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Health & Social Care Curriculum 

Why Study Health and Social Care at The Purbeck School?   

Health and social care gives students the opportunity to explore current issues in a contemporary society, and their impact on people’s lives, in a supportive environment. The curriculum has been designed to incorporate the interests of local health and social care and child care provisions which offers student’s an up to date approach in their learning. We have developed strong working relationships with these local provisions to give students the opportunity to put theory into practice. Health and social care is a subject which can effectively nurture the personal development of our students. Whether they are interested in a career in a health and social care or child care related industry or not, this course will assist them to become more aware of the society they live in and the needs of others. The skills developed such as understanding dietary requirements of different individuals, or the health and safety requirements within different settings, or ensuring equality is provided within practice are all transferable skills and seen as invaluable to employers. The head of health and social care has a wealth of experience within different health and social care and child care provisions which supports both the planning and delivery of a successful course both at KS4 and KS 5. We will also be launching the health and social care Disneyland Paris trip to our sixth form students which gives students an opportunity to see how principles within the subject are embedded in the practices within Disneyland.’ 


How is Health and Social Care taught? 

  • KS4 – Students are taught across five lessons per cycle and they will have one teacher in mixed ability groups. The course is made up of two thirds coursework and one third exam. During year 10 students will complete three pieces of coursework which make use of different scenarios to help students fully grasp concepts. In year 11 students will complete the exam which takes place at the beginning of the spring term. They then complete their final piece of coursework which involves a practical assessment whereby students will be placed in different simulated scenarios and assessed on their ability to demonstrate different care values. 
  • KS5 – Students are taught across nine lessons a cycle in mixed ability groups and they will have two teachers. The course is made up of 50% coursework units and 50% exam units. In year 12 students will complete their first exam in January and then the next exam in May and this will be taught by one teacher. The second teacher will be teaching students the first coursework unit between September and May and then will move on to begin teaching students the content for the final exam which will take place during the January of year 13. During year 13 the first teacher will then complete the second and third coursework units between May of year 12 and April of year 13. 


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Health & Social Care BTEC Level 2  

OCR Technical Health & Social Care Level 3 


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