The Purbeck School French Curriculum

Why Study French at The Purbeck School?

The advantages of learning foreign languages are mushrooming as the world becomes increasingly globalized and bilingualism is now perhaps the most useful real world skill to ever exist. Foreign language study is all about learning how to truly communicate and connect with others—an incredibly important life skill that can only be cultivated by interacting with people.

Studying French at Purbeck provides an insight into another culture, broadens horizons and will equip your child with the linguistic skills to have a competitive edge in career choices in a networked world. French is the only language other than English spoken on every continent. At The Purbeck School, we use up-to-date, engaging, interactive language websites to help enable the professionals of tomorrow to compete successfully in Europe and beyond.

Each year we enrich our curriculum by giving students the opportunity to attend study clubs so they can practise using their newly acquired language. We also take the GCSE classes to a French restaurant and we plan to offer a trip at KS3 to La Suisse Normande in northern France to further bring the language alive for learners.

How is French taught?

  • KS3 – Students are taught in mixed ability classes for three hours each fortnight. In year 7-9 all students build upon their prior language learning by following the exciting and fully differentiated ALLEZ course. Students will learn to communicate in a number of everyday situations, understanding and using a range of grammatical structures. As well as improving their speaking and comprehension skills, the course includes an introduction to aspects of French culture and enables students to continue language learning at GCSE level and beyond.
  • KS4 – Students are taught in mixed ability classes for five hours each fortnight. The GCSE course sees students continue to develop their proficiency in French. They follow the exciting new AQA syllabus. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing will all be assessed equally (25% each).

Rationale and ambition for The Purbeck School French curriculum:

  • To foster enthusiasm for learning the French language and cultivate a deeper understanding of the cultures of French-speaking nations.
  • To create a learning environment in which pupils and faculty can achieve excellence.
  • To develop respect for all cultures and an appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • To promote global awareness through the study of French and Francophone literature and culture.

Key concepts:

The concepts that The Purbeck School French curriculum aims to support student progression in are:

  • Listening – Understanding and responding to different types of spoken language.
  • Speaking – Communicating and interacting effectively in speech for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Reading – Understanding and responding to different types of written language.
  • Writing – Communicating effectively in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Useful Links:

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