Useful Careers Websites

Career resources for students and parents

The resources below can help students and their parents to start thinking about careers. They cover topics such as choosing a career and different routes into the world of work, as well as providing detailed information on specific careers. They can also help students make decisions about the next steps in their education, such as A level or degree subject choices, whether or not they’ve decided on a career.

Home Learning

Careerpilot are offering online activities for every year group, that meets their needs by age, stage and decisions.  Students can use Careerpilot and each session has been designed so students can do this independently.

Please see links below for each Year Group:

Year 7Finding out more about jobs and careers
Year 8Finding out more about yor employability skills
Year 9Find out more careers linked to subjects
Year 10Finding out more about your post 16 options
Year 11Finding out more about your post 16 and post 18 options
KS5Preparing for your post 18 options

Amazing Apprenticeships are offering online activities for students.  Please see links below:

Amazing Apprenticeships Quiz

Learn at Home – Employer Logo Quiz pdf

Learn at Home – Creativity and Colour pdf

Learn at Home – Meet the Apprentice Wordfill pdf

Learn at Home – The 3 Vlog Challenge pdf

Learn at Home – Apprenticeship Word Search pdf


Choosing subjects for GCSE

What GCSEs should I take to become a… ?

A levels

Choosing subjects for A level

Read up on how to select subjects that leave doors open to careers or degree subjects you might want to pursue – even if you’re not yet sure what you want to do in the future.

Target Careers – What A Levels should I take?

University study

Degree subject guides

Find out what it’s like to study different subjects at university, their typical entry requirements, whether they would suit you and what careers they might lead to.

Choices about university

Get advice on choosing what and where to study for your degree, including how to make choices that are good for your future career.

Applying for university

Discover how to write a strong UCAS statement, perform well at university interviews or succeed in the Clearing process.

Apprenticeships and sponsored degrees

Alternatives to traditional university study

Get an overview of choices at 18 that combine earning and learning, including apprenticeships of different levels, sponsored degrees and similar programmes.

Choosing between work and university

Get help weighing up whether traditional university study or taking an apprenticeship, sponsored degree or similar would be the best choice for you.

Career choices

Choosing your career

Start here if you don’t yet have specific careers in mind and want help generating ideas.

Types of career

Get detailed information on 12 key career areas, including what they involve, the different jobs available, how much they pay, how to get into them and whether they would suit you.

A–Z of jobs

Find job descriptions and information on entry routes for specific jobs with this A–Z.,

Gap Year Database

Work Experience Ideas

Employability Skills


Specialist Careers IAG

Career Zones


A comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, student discounts and university stats and rankings.

A website which tells you everything you need to know about Clearing and Adjustment and offers an app which allows you to speak to universities directly.

Please also refer to individual university websites


Apprenticeships / Training


Sign up to receive updates directly from the NHS about nursing careers

Army / Navy / RAF

Possible career opportunities in the Services:

  • Engineering – Aircraft (Mechanical and Avionics), Workshop, Weapons, Survival Equipment
  • Force Protection – Police, Fire-fighter
  • Medical and Medical Support – Numerous jobs
  • Personnel Support – HR, Legal, Chaplain, Physical Training Instructor, Musician
  • Logistics – Supplier, Mover, Driver, Chef, Caterer


Merchant Navy

  • Navigation (Deck), Engineering and Electro Technical Officers
  • Support staff who assist Officers
  • Hotel and Catering, Hospitality & Support Services
  • On passenger ferries, cruise liners and super yachts


A selection of subject related websites

What are Vocational Qualifications?

What are Facilitating Subjects?

FutureLearn – Researching a career – Business/Economics – Childcare – Chemistry – Engineering – General – General – General– Geography – Geography Labour Marketing – Languages – Languages

Pathways to Law – Law – Maths – Maths – Mechanical Engineering – Media – NHS – Retail – Retail

Stem Learning – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – Sport – Religion/Theology

Women in Engineering

Graduate Job Sites

Personal Development

BCP Council – Volunteering Services in Poole – National Citizen Service

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