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Year 6 Transition Video

… and Mr David’s video!

Dear Year 6 Parent/Carer/Student

I know that this next week there will probably be tears, laughter, and lots of memories as you all say ‘good bye’ to your primary school. Your primary school will be sad to see you leave and I know that there is always a special bond between primary teachers and their students as they work with you all so closely. We all hope that you have a lovely last week of term, and at the same time hope that you are excited about the next stage of your educational journey.

This week the tutor videos have been released, you can see them above this letter!  Whether it be Mr Rowland in his fridge, Orion the parrot (at least I think it is a parrot) talking to Mr Hobbs, Mr David’s single man band, or Bunsen Burner the talking dog, there certainly is something for everyone. It will give you a good insight into the Year 7 tutor team that are on board for next year.

As I intimated last week we have been working on plans for a full opening in September. We will be offering a full curriculum to all students when they return, but there will be some changes and limitations to the ways in which we work to ensure that our students and staff remain safe. These are changes that we will all have to get used to at the same time, as they will be new not just for Year 7 but for all year groups. In some ways Year 7 will find these changes the easiest as they will not have known anything else at the school. I will be writing to all parents before the start of the new term to explain some of these changes.

In the meantime I know that some of the transition team here are booked in to see more of you next week and we very much look forward to meeting you. We have had some lovely meetings with some of you so far and we can’t wait to get started in September.

If some parents/carers are starting to think about uniform for next year (under the current guidance we will be expecting students to wear full uniform in September), then I would advise that you first check out our uniform page in the information booklet AF Joys and PMG are our official stockists. In particular can I just remind everyone that school shoes need to black shoes (no canvas, no logos), and trousers need to be grey (not black, or skinny fit).

Have a lovely last week at your primary school and I will write next week.

Take care and best wishes,

Adam Darley


The Purbeck School



Dear Parents/Carer/Year 6 students

I hope this correspondence finds you all well.

Well it has been another busy week here. We have been to visit a number of primary schools this week as part of the transition process and we are booked in to see some more of you next week. It has been lovely to meet so many of you and answer any questions that you have had.

This week we have released the tutor group data. This is always a worrying time for parents/carers and students, as I know the instinct is to look to see whether you are in the same group as a friend or group of friends. As you will hopefully appreciate it is not always possible to place students together in a tutor group, and part of coming to a new school is to meet and interact with other students, it is an essential part of ensuring that a new year group gels together. Therefore, I would ask a little patience here, as we know from experience that one week into the new term the worries about tutor group placings will have gone, as new friends are made to complement existing friendships, and relationships with tutors built.

We have now had confirmation from the Government about the expectations for the start of schooling in September. We are delighted that we are going to be able to welcome all of our students back. There is a lot of guidance for us to sift through, lots of questions to be answered, and there will inevitably still have to be changes in September as we move to year group ‘bubbles’ of some form or another, but rest assured we will plan for a full return of all students and try and ensure that the student experience is as normal as it can possibly be. Therefore, we will have all of year 7 in school on Monday 7th September, they will be the only lower school students in school this day and so we will be able to give them a full induction programme. All year groups will return on Tuesday 8th September.

Keep checking the website for updates, the video tour of the school is now ‘live’ and we are hoping that the tutor videos will be joining this soon (there has been a short delay posting these).

I will write again next week, until then stay safe and best wishes,

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School


Mrs Burns has been very busy putting together a video tour of the school. We hope you enjoy it!

26th June 2020

Dear Year 6 students and parent/carers

I hope you are all well – summer has certainly been with us this week!

I wanted to keep you up to date with happenings at school. Please keep viewing the school website as we start to post more and more information about transition. This week we have updated our Information Booklet so that it has the very latest information in it, next week the year 7 tutor videos and a virtual tour of the school will be added.

We have spent this week putting the tutor group information together and allocating each of you to a tutor group. Next week we should be able to release the House and the tutor group that you are in. Please don’t worry about this, even if you are not in the tutor group with some of your current friends, you will still have lots of chances to see them either at break or lunchtime, or in other lessons as you do not stay in your tutor group for all of your lessons. Wherever possible we try and ensure that there is a mix of schools in each tutor group, and we have used the information that has come from your primary school as well.

We are visiting some of the primary schools in the next couple of weeks and so we will get to meet with many of you and answer your questions face to face, if not then we are trying to organise sessions where we can answer any questions that you may have. Mrs Robinson, Mrs Stevens, and Mrs Alls have already met and had lovely time meeting the students from St Mary’s in Swanage.

I know that some of you might be worried about starting a new school and not knowing what to bring, or where to go on the first day. Please don’t worry we will let you know all of that information nearer the time. If you are looking to be prepared for the new term then do have a look at the equipment list in the ‘Information Booklet’, there is also uniform information here as well. Remember that you will be the only Year group in school for the first day back when we start in September.

We are also planning to put a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ video together, and for this we need some frequently asked questions. Therefore, if you have a question that you would like answered please send it to and we will collate them and then put a video together answering the most popular ones.

I will write again next week with more transition news, until then stay safe.

Best wishes

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School



The Transition Presentation – a welcome to all our new students and parents from the Headteacher

12th June 2020

Dear Year 6 students and parents/carers

I hope you are all well. I wrote to you all a couple of weeks ago explaining that the transition process would be a little tricky this year because of the restrictions that are in place.

We are very busy at school at the moment preparing to welcome back some of our Year 10 and Year 12 students next week, and I know that many Year 6 students have also started to return to school.

As a result of the difficulties with transition we have now set up the ‘Admission and Transition’ section on the website. On this page we will publish lots of videos and information that you might need for transition.

My presentation to you all that I would normally give at the transition evening is available to view at the top of this page. It shows the PowerPoint with my narration over the top of it. Next year’s Year 7 tutors and the House Leaders have been very busy putting their videos together so that they can introduce themselves to you, some of them have been very inventive! and we will publish more and more videos over the next few weeks.

Mrs Robinson (Assistant Head) is now talking to Year 6 teachers to ensure that we have all the information we need to ensure a smooth transition in September. We are hoping that you will still be able to meet us, whether this is by us visiting your school, viewing our videos on the website or by having a virtual session with you all.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will write to you all again next week with latest news around transition and what is happening at the school.

Take care and best wishes,

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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