Hooke Court – an article by Sophie Bassett, Year 11

This year was the fifth year the school has ran the Hooke Court trip, for the new students to build friendships, build confidence and build bonds with their teachers. I remember my own experience. Anxiously waiting in the hall for the coach to come and then on my last day being sad to leave behind the place where I had made so many memories, memories I still think about to this day. I decided to speak to some students who went there to see how they got on.

I asked my interviewees what they were feeling before they went: ‘I was nervous to begin with but it got better’, ‘I was anxious to begin with but as the days went on I met new friends and we spent loads of time together’, ‘I was nervous about staying overnight with new people but I made a lot of new friends that I’ll keep now we’re back to school’.

I then asked what their overall experience was like and what their highlights of the trips were: ‘I liked meeting loads of new people and the team activities were fun because we were all together’, ‘I liked the shelter building because we got to form together as a group and build shelters’, ‘I liked the free time in the evenings because we all got to walk for ages and not get bored, the boundaries were there but you could walk for ages and we got to play football and cricket in the evenings and some people would go to their rooms and read and have free time’.

Everyone I spoke to seemed to love their experience at Hooke Court, similarly to myself over 5 years ago.

I’d like to thank: Ollie Spicer, Josh Lambert, Teaenna Bush, Ellie Andrews, Lewis Castellari, Chloe Craig, Katie Bush, Jack Battrick, Henry Miller, Isabelle Webber, Chantelle Anderson, Gracie Delves, Max Taylor, Lily May Ribbinson, Ella Christopher.

by Sophie Bassett, Year 11

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