History Trip to Poland and Germany

22 Year 13 students visited Eastern Europe over half term.

The students first flew with Mr Rainsley and Miss Yarnold to the beautiful city of Krakow in Southern Poland, where they visited the Old Town, the former Jewish Quarter and the Wawel Castle, the seat of the Polish kings. From Krakow, they made a challenging day trip to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial to understand the events of the Holocaust.

The next part of the trip involved travelling by sleeper train to Berlin in Germany! In Berlin, the students explored many cultural sites such as the Neues Museum and the Reichstag (German Parliament). They also explored the nature and legacy of Nazism, by visiting the Topography of Terror (former SS Headquarters) and the Wannsee Villa, where the Final Solution was organised.

After five busy and exhausting days, they flew back to the UK. One student succinctly summarised the experience of the trip as, “powerful”.

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