Hegarty Maths: Super School 2021-22

We are delighted to say that The Purbeck School is one of the top-performing schools on HegartyMaths for the fourth year in a row . Only a small number schools make the Super Schools list each year and it can only happen when the students in a school are inspired to apply serious elbow grease on their maths homework. We are proud to say HegartyMaths Super Schools awards are being associated with some of the best maths departments in the nation.


Here’s how The Purbeck School performed this year:

  • Questions answered by school: 769,441 Silver award!
  • Unique skills done well per student: 48
  • Hours per student: 13.10
  • MemRi goals achieved by school: 11,617 Silver award!

Please do shout out about the hard work the students at The Purbeck School have done this year!

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