Headteacher Update

Dear Parents/Carers/Students,

Summer has certainly been with us this week, although I am not sure that our coastlines were quite prepared for the numbers that visited!

Once again it has been lovely to welcome back the Year 10 and 12 students. The sessions are there to benefit the students and if you are a Year 10 student who has not attended yet, then please do try and come back before the end of term.

We have no firm news on what will be happening in September. At present we are continuing to plan as if we were coming back as normal, however, I am also acutely aware that this may not be credible if the social distancing and the current lockdown measures stay in place. At one metre we are unable to put 25/30 students in a classroom, and if we move to ‘bubbles’ of 30 (as has also been suggested) it will be very difficult for option subjects in Y10 and 11. So we shall wait and see, and of course any information that we have, or decisions that we make we will pass on to you.

In terms of the summer holidays the Local Authority is currently putting together a summer programme with the voluntary sector to support young people in the area. Once again we do not have too much information on this yet, when we do we will let you know. The school itself will not be open during the summer holidays to pupils.

In school this week the work on the Design Block roof continues, this will be followed by the fixing of the roof in the Science block. Both were much needed and we can now start to remove some of the buckets that we had in certain places around the school! We have started to contact our Year 11’s to confirm next steps, and well done to the many of you that have been involved with the transition work into Year 12.

Lockdown learner of the week is Holly Bood (Year 8), for some excellent Spanish and History work, the voucher is on its way. Well done to everyone who made the wall again this week. Remember to send in a picture of what you are doing as well.

That’s all for now, I will write again next week.

Take care and best wishes,

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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