Harry Whitmarsh-Bauer – First in Maths!

We often receive rewarding feedback from our past students and on this occasion, we would like to congratulate Harry Whitmarsh-Bauer who has been awarded a First in Mathematics at The University of Bath.

“My BSc in Mathematics included modules in Pure Maths such as Group Theory, Analysis, and Topology. However, I also studied Waves and Quantum Mechanics in Physics.” Harry explained. 

Harry left The Purbeck School in 2017 with top grade A Levels in Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths.  And if a First in Mathematics isn’t impressive enough, Harry has also been teaching himself Finnish.

From Sixth Form and all the teachers at The Purbeck School, we wish Harry congratulations and the best of luck with his future career, or should we say Onnittelut!

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