Festival of Creative and Media Industries

On Monday 2nd July, I took 34 pupils to the Festival of Creative and Media Industries event at Chilworth Manor Hotel, Southampton.  The event was organised by Southern Universities Network, and was sponsored by various media companies, one of which, Butler and Wilson, dedicated a day of their time, to work with our students on creating a new product.

Students worked diligently in groups, to come up with some original designs.  An 80s inspired shell suit, shoes made from recycled plastic, earrings that could be customised to change colour depending on your outfits.

The students represented their school extremely well, and the organisers were most impressed.  On such a hot, glorious day, they really pulled together and worked well in their teams.  Isaac Walton, Lucas Cameron and Wes Buck were awarded a bag of sweets, for their idea for outerwear, with branding of Invictus.

Mrs Lay

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