English Year 5 and 6 Taster Session

On Wednesday 11th of December, over eighty year 5 and 6 students visited The Purbeck School for an afternoon taster session in English. The students, and some keen parents, enjoyed participating in a creative writing competition where the students found themselves having to compete to write creative descriptions of the seaside. Students looked at how to use descriptive skills to improve their writing, and, using mini-whiteboards, the students created a range of vivid auditory and visual imagery before working in pairs to create a final piece of writing.

We were all thoroughly impressed with the students’ engagement and enthusiasm in every task. The standard of the work produced was really fantastic and we look forward to working with all of these talented students again in the near future. A large thanks to Mr Basford for creating such a fantastic lesson for all to enjoy.

Year 5 and 6 students are again warmly invited to join us for our next taster session, in Maths, on Wednesday 5th February.

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