Dorset Opera Residency – Summer Term 2019

Photo by Fritz Curzon

We are delighted to announce that Dorset Opera will gift a £6k residency project to Purbeck School this summer term.

The residency will give Purbeck’s performing arts students/students interested in set design or theatre production a week off timetable in the summer term to create and produce a miniature opera that will be showed to peers and family.

As some may already be aware, Dorset Opera has a legendary local reputation and are consistently on a par with the UK’s top opera companies. The students will be working with an inspirational team, comprised of internationally successful performers that will help students develop a number of skills, including composing their own music, writing poetry and lyrics, learning songs in a different language, and creating and constructing a story/dramatic piece of theatre.

Such experiences are invaluable for not only building existing performing arts students’ portfolios, but also capturing the interest of students new to performing arts and instilling what may become a life-long passion.

A workshop will take place on Monday 1st July, with dates of the residency from Monday 15th July to Friday 19th July, culminating with a performance on Friday afternoon, and a free evening viewing of a Dorset Opera production on Sunday 21st July.

Places will be offered to all students who wish to register an interest in this fantastic opportunity, including A Level and GCSE performing arts students, and all lower school students actively engaged with the arts and extra-curricular life of the school.

If you’d like more information or to register interest, please contact Mr Davis at

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