Don’t turn Halloween into a “nightmare on your street”

To protect the vulnerable this year, police and partners are asking teenagers to get creative and find alternative ways to celebrate at home.

Due to the ‘rule of six’ which applies indoors and outdoors gatherings that exceed this limit, such as traditional Halloween parties and social events, cannot take place this year.  Five eerie alternatives for Halloween at home:


Virtual fancy dress party

Arrange a party online via Skype or Zoom and invite your friends and family. Nominate a DJ to put together some terrifying tunes or put together a Halloween play list and see who has the scariest moves.

Out-boo your neighbours with a wicked window decorating competition.

Invite your neighbours, friends or family to see who can create the spookiest window.

Virtual horror quiz

Ask everyone to write ten questions each and read out in their spookiest voice. Turn off the lights and use a torch to set the scene. Throw in a music round of guess the horror movie theme tune. Extra points for the best fancy dress!

Create your own scary cinema

Decorate your living room, dig out some truly terrifying classics and enjoy a scary movie marathon.

Make some spooky snacks

How about hot dog ‘fingers’ with tomato sauce, or creepy cakes with sweets such as ‘eyes’, ‘worms’ and ‘teeth’ for decorations.

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