Covid-19 Track and Trace Information

Dear Parent/Carer,

I wanted to write about the recent reports in the media regarding track and trace, and clarify arrangements for the end of term.

There has been some discussion in the press about schools shutting next Friday. We remain open on that day, although we will be having a slightly early finish at 1.10pm after the end of period 4, the buses will be picking up at that time.

Over the first part of the Christmas holidays the school remains an important part of the track and trace system. The bullet points below highlight what you should do, and what the school will do, in the event of a student displaying Covid-19 symptoms in the 48 hours following the end of the school term and then testing positive for Coronavirus.

  • You should contact the school immediately if your son/daughter has tested positive for the Coronavirus and had symptoms in the 48 hours after leaving school on the 18th December (Saturday 19th, or Sunday 20th).
  • The school can be contacted up to and including the 24th December, after this time the school will not be part of the track and trace system.
  • If this is the case you should email with the details of this and leave a phone number that you are contactable on.
  • The school will then track and trace students who will need to self isolate as a result of the positive test.
  • A text/email will indicate that your son/daughter has had possible contact with a student who has tested positive, and the length of time that they will therefore need to self isolate.

Hopefully, this will not be required over the Christmas break, but it is there if needed.

I will write again before the Christmas break.

Your sincerely,
Adam Darley

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