Coronavirus update

Dear Parent/Carer

At present the advice regarding the coronavirus is the same as it was last week regarding self-isolation if you have visited category 1 regions, and self-isolation only if you feel unwell and have visited category 2 regions (here is a link to the latest advice

There are a number of overseas school trips coming up in the next few months. We have the ski trip to Maine during the Easter break (USA), the History trip to Belgium and Northern France in May, and the Art and Photography trip to New York in the summer.

At present the advice from the Foreign Office and the Department for Education remains that these trips are safe and that they should go ahead. We have contacted the companies that we run these trips with, and the insurance companies, and in all cases have had the same message – that it is currently safe to travel. Here is a link to the advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (

As a result, we are planning to still go ahead with all of these trips. This is clearly a changing situation and we will continue to monitor the situation carefully and if the advice changes we will immediately let you know.

Yours sincerely

Adam Darley

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