Continuing to achieve excellence at The Purbeck School

Despite the unusual nature of online lessons, students at Purbeck are continuing to work with diligence and care to produce some truly outstanding work. We would like to congratulate our students on their continued aspiration and perseverance.

Here we have compiled a few examples of particularly attractive learning:







Year 11 Maddison Ford has adapted so well to working from home and despite all the setbacks she has shown tremendous resilience in consistently producing outstanding work in Maths.

Food Technology

Riley Spoor in Year 8 planned this three-course menu all by himself, then prepared and cooked it all, presenting it to the delight of his family. His menu consisted of: spicy Caribbean chicken wings; Caribbean chicken curry and rice; a dessert of Caribbean coconut and mango cake. Masterchef!

Design technology

Year 9 Blossom has designed a product for someone with poor grip / shaky hands.

Emily in Year 9 produced this very careful and accurate two-point perspective in Product Design.


Yana Kelly in Year 7 created this outstanding piece of digital art in response to Michael Craig-Martin. Students were given the option to respond in any materials that were available to them. This is just one example of some outstanding work from KS3 students.

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