Staff Contact List

For general enquiries please email

Name Email Subject area
Mr A Darley Headteacher
Mr C Morris Deputy Head/Head of Mathematics
Mrs D Rayner Asst Head / DT
Mr S Holmes Asst Head / English
Mrs V Gregory Asst Head/ Media Studies
Mrs M Simmonds Asst Head / Mathematics
Mr T McNaughton Head of English


Student Support Team 2018 –  2019

For pastoral concerns please email

Name Email Tutor Group Subject area
Mrs L Robinson Head of Swift Science
Mr N Hunt Head of Kingfisher PE
Mr T Mockridge Head of Kestrel Product Design
Mr J Deremaux Head of Skylark History
Mrs C Watson SENCO English
Mr M Lawson 07557 855020 Safeguarding & Attendance Lead
Mr D Hopwood Wellbeing Lead
Mrs R Stevens Inclusion Lead
Mr G Woollard Learning Mentor


Year 7

Name Email Tutor Group Subject area
Mr A Tullett 7xATT English
Mrs A Vater 7xAVR Maths
Mrs N Davies 7xNDS PE
Mrs V Schubert 7xVSC Food Technology
Mrs C Shannessy 7yCSY Drama
Ms J Barrett 7yJBT English
Mr M Campey 7yMCY Geography
Miss N Hill 7yNHL RCS


Year 8

Name Email Tutor Group Subject area
Mrs A Humphreys 8xAHS PE/PSHE
Mrs L Tarbard 8xLTD HSC/Psychology
Miss R Lines 8xRLS History
Mr T Davis 8xTDS Music
Miss E Shenton 8xyESN Geography
Mrs L Smyth 8yLSH English
Mrs R Richardson 8yRRN Art
Mr S Wilde 8ySWE Maths


Year 9

Name Email Tutor Group Subject area
Mr G Biddle 9xGBE PE
Mr J Guy 9xJGY Science
Mr J Railston-Brown 9xJRN Maths
Mrs L Andow 9xLAW Biology
Mr A Knight 9yAKT English
Mr B Smith 9yBSH Mathematics
Mr M Benzon 9yMBZ Mathematics
Mr G Potter-White 9yGPE Mathematics


Year 10

Name Email Tutor Group Subject area
Mr A Davids 10xADV Chemistry
Mrs A Denny 10xADY Food Technology
Mr D Shilliday 10xDSY French
Mrs J Lay 10xJLY ICT
Mr D Hobbs 10yDHS Geology
Miss H Peters 10yHPS Spanish/French
Miss K Yarnold 10yKYD Geography
Mrs L Collins 10yLCS Maths


Year 11

Name Email Tutor Group Subject area
Mr E Lynn 11xELN Art
Mrs R Simmonds 11xRSS Health & Social Care
Mrs S Shepherd 11xSSD DT
Mrs B Martin 11yBMN French
Mr C Eden 11yCEN DT
Mr L Fairweather 11yLFR Physics


Sixth Form

Name Email Tutor Group Subject area
Mrs D Rayner Head of Sixth Form Asst Head / DT
Miss K Mason Asst Head of Sixth Head of Business
Mrs B Armstrong C6BAR Psychology
Miss C Stewart C6CST Science
Miss E Wetherall C6EWL Head of RCS
Mr J Foyle C6JFE Head of Science/Chemistry
Mr M Nicolaides C6MNS Head of Physics
Mr M Rainsley C6MRY Head of Humanities / History
Mrs S Kanolik C6SKK
Mr W Tarbard C6WTD Head of PE



Name Email Tutor Group Subject area
Mrs C Lyons Examinations Manager
Mrs M Beale Careers IAG Co-ordinator
Mrs H Stentiford Biology
Miss S Hamblin School sports coordinator PE
Mrs P Irwin English
Mrs K O’Kelly Spanish
Mrs M Gravelle Science
Mrs K Rootes Maths