Congratulations to the class of 2019/20

Year 11 students were awarded their GCSE results today. The results were based on a mixture of Centre Assessed Grades and Ofqual’s algorithm.

Headteacher Adam Darley commented:

‘This group of students have had a journey like no other to finally gain their results. We have known that they have been an exceptional year group since they arrived, and these results do justice to that. They are a superb set of results and reflect what they would have received had they been given the opportunity to sit the formal exams. We hope that they are very proud of their achievements and we wish them all the best for the future, whatever that may be, and we look forward to welcoming many back into the sixth form.’

Some individual students have been awarded fantastic results.

Congratulations to the following students who all received a coveted grade 9 in one or more subject:

Tori White, Sam Ward, Joe Daly, Oscar Meaker, Roisin Hegarty, Daniel Wordsworth Brown, Laila Dale, Alex Walton, Michaela Barry, Wesley Buck, Charline Dafour, Amy Gartshore, Keira Norman, Ashley Cannon, Juliette Gates, Jodie Johnson, Jasmine Mellersh, Holly Miller, and Kian Salina.

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