Completion of Sophie’s Room

Picture of Sophie's room

Today we have been able to formally provide the full funding for the building of ‘Sophie’s Room’ – see picture.

It is actually much more than a room and rather a small building which houses a medical room and bathroom, both of which are comparatively luxurious for Rwanda. Girls at The Peace and Hope School in Kigali will really benefit from having this space to support their medical, especially sanitary-related, needs. The Peace and Hope Initiative and The Amakuru Trust are incredibly thankful for the help that our school has yet again given, with the ‘Run to Rwanda’ project providing a significant input.

Assistant Head Simon Holmes said, ‘We are delighted to continue our support of our friends in Rwanda. The room, too, is a fitting tribute to Sophie Waylen – she would be very proud.’

Once again our school community can be proud of helping those less fortunate. A genuine thanks to all who contributed and Merry Christmas from us all.

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