Commonwealth Day – Purbeck Student Council

The Purbeck School was very honoured to have received an invitation from Councillor Bill Trite, Chairman of the Purbeck District Council, to send a representative group of our students to witness the raising of the Commonwealth flag.

At this ceremony, ten members of our very own student council heard a reading of the commonwealth affirmation, watched the Commonwealth flag being raised and also heard a message from the Queen. It was an exciting opportunity for our students to celebrate the vast diversity, strong unity and uplifting values that define the Commonwealth.

After the ceremony, our students were then welcomed into the council chamber for refreshments and enjoyed cups of tea and (lots of) biscuits whilst learning more about the history of the Commonwealth from council members.

This was an exciting and enriching opportunity for our students and we were very proud of the personable way they all conducted themselves through the morning.



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