Celebrating Pupils Achievements at The Purbeck School

We’ve made some changes to the way we praise and reward our students at The Purbeck School.

Pupils can now expect to earn achievement points in lesson by displaying any of the new, nine positive learning behaviours. These behaviours are identified with new lesson praise statements and these statements provide Teachers with more opportunity to celebrate the excellent learning characteristics of The Purbeck School pupils as well as continuing to promote our school principles.

Pupils will also now earn community house points when they positively contribute to the school as a whole. In addition to assisting staff members, helping new students settle in and filling up their Above and Beyond cards, pupils will also earn community house points for attendance, punctuality and by meeting lesson expectations.

These changes will allow all students to receive praise and ensure that they are suitably rewarded for their hard work and effort.

To help better communicate the students’ achievements, we have updated SIMS parent app so that any achievement point or community house point earnt by a student will appear on your phones lock screen (just make sure you have turned on notifications in the SIMS parent app settings). School will also send an email home when a student passes through a house point threshold.

The image below includes more detail on the lesson praise descriptors, the community house points and the reward thresholds.

We look forward to celebrating the students achievements with you over the coming academic year.

Praise and Reward at the Purbeck School


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