Can you help?

Dear Parents and Carers,

As many of you know, for the past two years staff, parents and students have sponsored the education of several students at The Excel School in Rwamagana, Rwanda. This has made a tangible difference to real people in Africa with so little.

Last year we sponsored six young children from impoverished families – with our monies they were able to attend school, were provided with a uniform and also a lunchtime meal. Bruno, Lindah, Nadine, Alan, Alia and Bella are pictured here with the students who visited them at school on our last visit.

The Excel School has recently sent through to us thank you messages from the children and school reports detailing the successes of ‘The Purbeck Six’. Here are just two from Bella:


With your help we hope once more to sponsor these children and make a real difference to their lives, something that you can see clearly from the images. The Excel School once again gained the highest results for school leavers in Rwamangana last year and so every child attending stands such a better chance of being successful in the future.

If you can spare £15 (either cash or a cheque payable to ‘The Purbeck School’) that will be so very valuable in supporting these lives. Indeed, any sum that you can afford will be much appreciated. Can I ask that if you are able to help please send an envelope with your family and student’s name to me at school with cash or cheque in it and give it to me by Monday 11th March. We will be pleased to provide a certificate to every supporter.

With very best wishes,

Simon Holmes
Assistant Headteacher

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