Bus Provision

Dear Parent/Carer,

As a school, we do not have any control over the running or operations of the buses. Over the past term, the bus provision has been sub-standard.

This morning, we were made aware at 8.35am that a bus driver had chosen not to collect some of our students from their designated stops. To inform parents, we communicated via text immediately. A second bus was sent but failed to wait long enough to collect all remaining students.

Previous to this, we are also aware of buses braking down, overcrowding and bus drivers dropping students off at the wrong stops.

This service is not good enough. We have made a formal complaint to both the bus company (Damory) and Dorset Council to ask for this to be resolved as soon as possible. To support us, if you wish to make representation, then please do so by contacting Damory, via their customer service line, on 01202 338420, or email enquiries@damory.co.uk You may also wish to contact Dorset Council by phone 01305 224537 or email dt@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Kind regards,
The Purbeck School

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