Burns Price Foundation – Change-Makers Initiative

Student Grant for STEAM

Last year an initiative launched in collaboration with the Burns Price Foundation to give access to £100 starter grants to young people aged 11-19 to work on STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, math) related projects that help them gain new skills and also create a positive benefit to their community. There is no deadline for applications nor is there a cap on the amount of students who can apply. If you have any further questions please contact  Shwetal directly: changemakers@burnsprice.org.uk

Change-Makers Initiative

Here is the website link for more info https://burnspricefoundation.org.uk/the-change-makers-initiative

And here is the application form https://bit.ly/TheChange-MakersInitiaitveGrant,  if you have any questions please contact changemakers@burnsprice.org.uk

Here is the story of their very first Change-Maker.

To give you an example of the sort of projects young people can apply for:

  • inviting scientists to talk to young people about their research
  • partnering with companies offering digital work experience opportunities to young people
  • creating an art show featuring engineers and their journey into their field
  • organizing a science fair with your school
  • starting an after school math club

First Star Scholars Job Opportunities

The University of Winchester Access team First Star scholar programme are looking for Maths, Science and English teachers to support with a residential they are running this summer. All details are attached.

English Teacher

Maths Teacher

Science Teacher

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