An important message to ensure that students remain safe online during ‘live’ lessons.

Dear Parent/Carer

Now that we have moved to ‘live’ sections of lessons it is important that all students follow some key procedures to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Therefore, when entering a ‘live’ lesson at The Purbeck School, students should:

  • Treat the VIRTUAL classroom exactly the same way you would treat the REAL classroom. Be helpful, respectful and supportive to your teacher and each other.
  • You must be dressed appropriately.
  • When joining a video call with your teacher, ensure you blur your background using the 3 dots on the call toolbar.
  • Don’t confuse the online learning with social media; remember you are in a working environment and contributing to a learning discussion. Use correct grammar and appropriate writing style
  • Use the message board/chat facility for questions related to the topic so your teacher can help you.
  • Do not do anything that would compromise the online safety of anyone in the class, including the teacher. The use of someone’s image without their permission and posting inappropriate material go against our anti-bullying and e-safety policy. Do not allow your family members to appear on screen.
  • Online safety of students and staff at The Purbeck School is taken very seriously and will be dealt with if compromised.
  • All lessons will be recorded and a ‘virtual’ register will be taken by the member of staff.

If you have any safeguarding concerns then please contact the school immediately on 01929 550077.

Please could you help the school to ensure that these protocols are followed. Thank you in advance for your support.

The Purbeck School Safeguarding Team

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