Amnesty International Talk

The enlightening talk we had from Tom, who came in to represent Amnesty International, tackled the question whether our world has become more dangerous or not. Tom talked about his experience of why he decided to get involved with volunteering with a heart-breaking story of a young girl in Africa being sold by her Father to pay off his debts, opening many of our eyes to what the norm is in Africa and what many face every day. Tom then went on to tell us how we can help and if even one person joined the fight for peace and stood up for the victims of these horrendous stories, it would make a massive difference to the world. One of the resonant stories was Nazinin Zhagari-Radcliffe, whom many of us had heard of in the media and had sympathised with. She unfortunately is still being held in prison and Amnesty are still trying to help Richard, her husband, to have her released from the awful conditions she is being kept in. Tom explained that this is what Amnesty stood for, they stood up for those who were innocent and were having their rights taken away from them without anyone else fighting for them. The talk was interesting and helped many of those in Year 12 and 13 think about being more involved with what is going on in the world.

Written by Erin B, Year 13

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