A STEM hero!

Christopher Hall Year 8   STEM / computing student

Stoborough Primary School found themselves in a predicament prior to their Arts Week this term:  Year 1 wanted to make clay lizards for their projects and had ordered a template online. However, when the lizard cutter arrived it was tiny and more suited to Playdoh projects.  Our Year 8 STEM hero came to the rescue and made the Year 1 students a lizard cutter, using his homemade 3D printer. Christopher searched the internet, found a lizard template, up scaled the size of it by a factor of 1.5 and set it to print in ‘cura’.  It took 8 hours to print!

The children used the lizard cutter by pressing into air-dry clay to make some lovely lizards.  The children loved making these and pressing the jewels into them to make them sparkly.

Christopher wanted a 3D printer for Christmas but insisted on a kit form 3D printer, so he could make it from scratch.  When it arrived, he followed the instructions and completed it with his Dad overseeing his work.  It took him 5 days to make and he was printing his first project within minutes (a heart shaped box and a Doctor Who tardis)!

He has gone on to make other things: the casing for his raspberry pi to sit in (for his robot), a whistle and a miniature boxer dog figure (as his Dad loves Boxer dogs). He even 3D printed a stand for his filament to go into in order to keep it tidy and not get tangled up when making projects.

Christopher has a passion for project such as this.  From a very early age, he has said that he wants to be an engineer and he loves researching the way things work.  Likewise he loves taking things apart and seeing if he can put them back together again!  He attends STEM club every week and is always full of enthusiasm both when he arrives and when at home, he can’t wait to tell everyone at home what he has been up to.

We are all very proud of him!

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