A reminder of the school procedures for shutting the school in cases of poor weather

As you may have noticed the temperatures have been dropping and winter is here!

Therefore, can we remind everyone of our procedures if we were in the unfortunate position to have to close the school due to poor weather.

We would try and make a decision to shut the school as early as possible if it was before the beginning of the school day. This information would then be made available on:

We would also aim to post the information on the following school platforms:

  • The Purbeck School Website (although this does sometimes crash due to the volume of traffic on such days)
  • The Purbeck School Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • The Purbeck School Parent App
  • The Purbeck School Email (SCOpay)

Shutting the school during the school day is usually made in conjunction with the bus companies who would then immediately dispatch the buses. We would again use all of the electronic formats to inform parents/carers and allow students to use phones if necessary to inform parents.

Hopefully none of the above will be necessary!

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