A message for Year 12 students

As you will be aware you will have your Year 12 assessment week beginning on the 11th May.

In this week you will not have any Teams lesson work set, instead you will be expected to complete assessments. The assessments will be based on some of the work that you have been completing during and before the lockdown. Each assessment will be an ‘open book’ assessment – this means that you can use the information that you have in your notes to support your answers, however, all of the work must be your own.

Below is the timetable for you assessments to be completed. On each day the assessments that are due to be set for that day will become available in a central Teams area that you will have access to. There will be further details of this next week. On the same that day that you have your assessment you will be expected to return it to your teacher in the way that your teacher has identified.

If you are unsure of anything related to your assessment it is your responsibility to contact your teacher.

Here is the timetable for that week – when you do not have an assessment during the week you should be revising and ensuring that your notes are organised. If you have a clash on the timetable below you should use the afternoon slot to complete the assessment.

Please read the information below carefully.

Y12 Timetable

Morning Mid-Morning Afternoon
Monday 11th May Geography
Further Maths

English Language

Tuesday 12th May Maths Physics
Wednesday 13th May Chemistry English Literature
Applied Science
Thursday 14th May Biology
Product design
Friday 15th May

Kind regards
The Purbeck School

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