6th Form Netball Match

Purbeck 18 v St Edward 18

This was the 6th formers’ first match of the season and although the winter weather had arrived they did not let it affect their performance. All the way through the score was neck and neck, we would score followed by them scoring. They had a very tall shooter who was difficult to defend and rarely missed. However Fran and Anabel were on form and rarely missed themselves. The attack played the ball round the circle beautifully until the girls were in a higher percentage scoring zone for them to shoot.

In the last minute of the game the score was 18 all; we intercepted the ball beautifully in defence and moved it perfectly down the court, timing the runs to perfections. Here was the winning goal…….. alas not; of all the shots this wasn’t the one to miss, but sadly the ball didn’t go in. They got the rebound and worked the ball down the court to their shooters to score in the last 10 seconds of the game, fortunately for us they did not score and the game finished off a draw.

Mrs Davies

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