Super 7s – Well Done!

As part of our behaviour policy, every lesson each student is given a score.  Students receiving a 7 have exceeded expectations for the lesson. The following week the names of the students will be compiled and they will each receive 7 house points. Shortly after this, they will be presented with their Super 7 wristband which provides them with:

  1. Queue jump for themselves and one friend for all break times and lunch times throughout the week.
  2. An invite for a Friday hot chocolate with the Headteacher and House Leaders.

Super 7 students for the week ending  5th November are:

Erin Oakley, 10xATT – Excellent work during Product Design.

Zander Astells, 10xATT – Outstanding work in Maths! Working really hard and supporting other students.

Bethany Green, 10xNDS – Excellent work during Product Design.

Mia Thomas, 11xJGY – Beat target grade in assessment test for History, awesome!

Blake Hughes, 11xLAW – Beat target grade in trial exam for History, well done!

Jacob Snell, 11yACO – Excellent model answer for Natural Selection – Jacob is consistently brilliant in Biology and always takes pride in his work.

Charlie Lamb, 7xJBD – Charlie showed great understanding in Maths, answering all questions including the challenge questions correctly. Keep up the great work!

Jessica Jervis, 7xyNHL – Excellent work during ICT.

Joseph Smith, 7xyNHL – Excellent work during PE.

Lilly Edwards, 7xyNH – Excellent work during PE.

Liberty Cranton, 8xADV – Outstanding explanation answer of the responses to drought in North Africa for Geography.

Ebony Ridge, 8yEKY – Outstanding effort in swimming over past 5 lessons, non swimmer to swimming 25m confidently.

Olive Castillo Macpherson, 8yMRD – Getting 94% in a mid unit test for Science.

Dean Caswell, 9xSSD – Outstanding extension project completed for Geography, very well done!

William Evans, 9xSSD – Fantastic work in Maths!

Caleb Savage, 9yCEN – Excellent work during Maths.

Tiahna Gaskell, 9yCEN – Tiahna has shown a huge amount of resilience and determination to succeed in Maths.

Evie Miles, 9yMCU – Excellent work during Computer Science.

Fantastic work, Well Done!

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