Super 7s – Well Done!

As part of our behaviour policy, every lesson each student is given a score.  Students receiving a 7 have exceeded expectations for the lesson. The following week the names of the students will be compiled and they will each be placed in a weekly draw for the chance to win a £10 Amazon voucher.

Super 7 students for the week ending 6th November are:

David Taylor, 7xADV  – Excellent attitude to work in Design Technology. Completed every task to the best of his ability and very independently. Particularly impressed with his picture step by step for making a pizza. Well done!

Mollie Drakeford, 8xJBD – Fantastic work in English this year so far – has really tried hard.

Oliver Lovelass, 8yCEN – Worked hard for Knowledge Organiser for Geography and produced a revision plan along with flash cards. Great attitude to home learning.

Evie Miles, 8yBMN – Excellent independent improvements for Maths  – more than doubling her previous score on a recent post key question assessment.

Finn Reith, 8xELN – Excellent work in Maths!

Oliver Davis, 9yCSY – Excellent PRE work on Plato’s cave.

Jayme Hall, 9xATT – Excellent PRE assessment on truth.

CJ Hanmer, 9yNHL – Excellent work during PE.

Dan Markowicz, 9yMCY – Excellent work during PE.

Natalia Nowosad, 9yMCY – Excellent PRE work on Plato’s cave.

Poppy Pipe, 9yKOY – Outstanding effort during self-isolation for History.

Sophie Rowles, 9yCSY – Outstanding effort during self-isolation for History.

Kayleigh Fensome, 10yESN – Outstanding assessment on Weimar for History.

Blake Hughes, 10xLAW – Beat his target grade in assessment exam for History, well done!

Lillie Surrey, 10xLTD – Another exceptional homework from Lillie for Photography . Lillie always goes above and beyond of what is expected in class and in her homework outcomes. Exceptionally strong creative responses . Well Done!

Eva Longland, C6DCY/Tu – Excellent work during Art.

The winner of the Amazon voucher this week is:  Natalia Nowosad 9yMCY

Fantastic work, well done!

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