The Purbeck School Science Fair

The Purbeck School Science Fair

“Brilliant!”  “It couldn’t be improved – it was awesome!”

The Purbeck School hosted our very first Science Fair on Saturday 25th April. The event was a huge success with over 450 families visiting from across the county to engage with the theme of light.

Visitors were treated to a fun-packed afternoon full of scintillating science activities. There was a fascinating range of activities on offer: making bath bombs with the Royal Society of Chemistry was popular as was making soap with Bournemouth University.  The 360 degrees Full Dome Planetarium was fully booked all afternoon.

The Tank Museum and BAE Systems provided super activities about navigation in the absence of light and Southampton University ran sessions on light and smart phones.

One of the most popular activities was the Van De Graff Generator where young children enjoyed receiving mild (very mild!) electric shocks.  The Purbeck School teachers and sixth form students looked the part, kitted out in white laboratory coats.  Together, we were busy all afternoon making green slime, playing with plasma globes and demonstrating our new wind tunnel.  Lower school students did a sterling job helping their biology teachers deliver sessions on the life cycle of plants.

Additionally, the Jurassic Coast Team was in evidence with their dinosaur display and fossil rubbings. Of course there was plenty of Lego to play with when it all got a bit too much, and a cup of coffee and a cake at Costa Coffee for the mums and dads. A good afternoon was had by all, especially as the whole event was free!  We are already planning next year’s programme – see you there!


Science Fair Gallery 

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